Film permits in Morocco

Filming in Morocco aim to work in the best interest of the producer by completing the whole project within the budget and time allocated. To ensure efficiency we would provide at least one of our production managers who would be assigned to your project. They will be with you at all times fulfilling your day to day requirements as well as monitoring all aspects of your production.

The cost of the services is dependent on the size of your project, the size of your crew, the duration of filming, any particular requirements, the time of filming in the year and various other factors. Please contact us for an initial discussion about your project so that we can give you a better idea of estimated costs. Our production services include:

Locations and all film permits in Morocco
Food and catering facilities
Equipment required for filming, such as generators, lights, camera etc.
Security for senior artists
Artists and junior artists
Advise on the point system or subsidy
Any special requirements